Sales Order
Terms and Conditions

    1. Purchase Orders received from the customer as a result of quotations issued by Niro Ceramic Sales and Services (M) Sdn Bhd (NCSS) will be valid when NCSS issues a corresponding Sales Order.
    2. The price validity is 12 months from the Sales Order date and the price quoted is for the specific order and shall not be applicable to any other orders.
    3. Please indicate delivery need-by period from month/year to month/year in the purchase order. Without a delivery need-by period, the Purchase Order issued is not considered valid, and NCSS will not be held responsible for stock availability and price validity of the Purchase Order.
    4. Please note that a minimum production lead-time of 8-12 weeks is required from the confirmed delivery date.
    5. Minimum written notice of 12 weeks must be provided to NCSS for any changes of delivery schedule specifically for those unproduced orders. No amendment of delivery schedule is allowed for those orders that have already been planned or produced by NCSS.
    6. Non-standard items not in NCSS product list will be delivered no later than 7 days from the need by date.
    7. In the event the actual delivery period based on the delivery instruction is before or after the delivery need-by period, NCSS reserves the right to vary the price and delivery time. In such circumstances, NCSS will re-issue a fresh quotation followed by a new Purchase Order. Pre-existing Purchase Order is deemed cancelled.
    8. All prices quoted are based on full trailer load delivery, not inclusive of unloading services. Any special delivery arrangement required by the customer is subjected to additional transportation charges.
    9. Stocks can be kept up to 2 months based on the customer delivery schedule, thereafter, RM1.00/sqm storage charge per month will be imposed. For sanitary products, it would be 3% of your purchase order value or undelivered outstanding order value.
    10. Purchase Orders from customers and NCSS Sales Orders are legally binding documents and if cancelled by the Purchaser will attract high penalty fees. Goods sold and delivered are non-returnable nor exchangeable. It is deemed that the customer has accepted all terms and conditions upon receiving the Sales Order.
    11. The construction, validity and performance of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.