Quotation Domestic Terms and Conditions

  1. The prices quoted above are delivered prices and for supply to this specific project and shall not applicable to any others project, unloading service is excluded.
  2. All prices quoted are based on full trailer load delivery, not inclusive of unloading services. Any special delivery arrangement required by the customer is subjected to additional transportation charges.
  3. A minimum lead-time of 8-12 weeks or more depending on Niro Ceramic Sales and Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. (NIRO) production capacity is required for progressive deliveries upon receipt of your official purchase order and confirmed delivery schedule.
  4. Purchase Orders from customers and NIRO Sales Orders are legally binding documents that cannot be cancelled. Goods sold and delivered are non-returnable nor exchangeable.
  5. However, we reserve the right to amend prices on this quotation/order in the event of unplanned and sudden escalation in cost which takes place within the validity of this quotation/order in which NIRO have no control over or for reasons of force majeure.
  6. Purchase Orders received from the customer as a result of quotations issued by NIRO will be valid when NIRO issues a corresponding Sales Order.
  7. Please indicate delivery need-by period from month/year to month/year in the purchase order. Without a delivery need-by period, the Purchase Order issued is not considered valid and it shall not be registered under NIRO ordering system. NIRO will not be held responsible for stock availability and price validity of such Purchase Order.
  8. In the event the actual delivery period based on the delivery instruction is before or after the delivery need-by period, NIRO reserves the right to vary the price and delivery time. In such circumstances, NIRO will re-issue a fresh quotation followed by a new Purchase Order. Pre-existing Purchase Order is deemed cancelled.
  9. This quotation supersedes all previous quotations, if any.
  10. Validity of Quotation – 60 DAYS from the date of this quotation
  11. No early notice will be given for obsolete item.
  12. Amendment or cancellation of non-standard tiles (not in NIRO standard product list) or sizes will not be allowed. 30% deposit is required for products of ‘non-standard tile cutting’ request 1 week before the delivery date. Likewise, all non-standard cut tiles must be accepted for immediate delivery not later than 7 days from the customer stock need by date.
  13. Any discrepancy due to rounding error on GST calculation, Tax invoice amount prevail.
  14. Tonalities (a.k.a shades and colour) and Glaze variations between actual supplies and samples previously submitted may differ due to inherent characteristics of porcelain tile.
  15. Nominal size denotes only the sizing category whereas working size is the actual dimension of tiles which may vary from series to series
  16. We strongly recommend usage of quality adhesive and latex for installation of porcelain tiles.
  17. Manufacturer recommendation for tile joint (tile gap) is 3.0mm and above.
  18. All prices quoted for imported tiles (ONLY) including customer purchase orders received, are subject to ocean freight surcharge which is indicated at NIRO price list, if applicable which shall be solely borne by the customer.
  19. Free storage up to maximum 2 months shall be applied to those stocks that are ready for delivery based on your delivery schedule. Any untaken delivery after 2 months shall be subject to warehouse storage charges at RM 1.00/m2 per month. Alternatively, these untaken ready orders shall be open-up for other customers after 2 months of free storage. Eventually, all these orders shall be in queue upon standard NIRO production lead time, i.e., minimum 12 weeks or more depending on NIRO production capacity.
  20. Latex Leaching – All NIRO tiles are conformed to MS ISO 13006 standard. Latex Leaching typically caused by polished tile installation method. Without prejudice, Latex Leaching can be minimized with the following recommended steps. However, under such condition, it is solely at the discretion of tilers to determine whether any of these steps are followed during tile installation process:
    • Delay in grouting 4 days after if tiling work. Protection takes place after 3 days of grouting. However, this shall be subject to site condition.
    • Presence of water prior protection would cause more severe haze mark issue on polished tiles. Site personnel to ensure no water seepage in between protector sheet and tiles.
    • Epoxy grout method helps to minimize the presence of Latex Leaching issue.
  21. Shading Tonelity – Ways to minimize Shading issue at site: Order quantity should be done by block or level basis. And, proper segregation of tiles with different lot no. at storage area. Used of tile with same lot no. for tile installation at same area. NIRO shall not be responsible for any tiles laid on the ground with different shading in the event of different tile tonality discovered fresh from the NIRO carton box by site personnel. It is important to notify NIRO representative immediately before laying the tiles at site.
  22. Lippage – It is highly recommended to use Levelers (disposal or recyclable type) for all large format tiles at customer’s discretion to minimise any possibility of lippage risk. Without usage of Levelers, Niro shall not be responsible for any rectification cost in the event of lippage complaints.
  23. It is deemed that the you have accepted all Quotation terms and conditions upon receiving this Quotation.
  24. The construction, validity and performance of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.