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Press Release: Niro Ceramic Vietnam Opens a New Showroom in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam, June 16 2023 – Niro Ceramic Vietnam officially opened its new Hanoi showroom at 16 Quan Ngua, Lieu Giai, Ba Binh. This event marked an important milestone in developing Niro Ceramic Group’s presence in Vietnam. 

The event was attended by Ian Kok, Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group, prestigious local developers, contractors and designers. At the launch event, the attendees were able to network, share and experience the latest tile collections from Niro Granite and Portino. 

Located in the centre area of Hanoi, the three-floor showroom boasts a variety of modern and creative mock-ups, allowing visitors to experience the impressive Swiss-quality tile collections by Niro Ceramic Group up close. Additionally, the showroom also showcases Niro Ceramic Group’s latest Slip-Stop technology. The new showroom aims to be the hub of creativity for homeowners, designers, and developers for them to get the inspiration to create quality living spaces. With this new showroom, Niro Ceramic Vietnam is bolstering its presence in the Northern area and the whole of Vietnam. 

Niro Ceramic Vietnam is a member of Niro Ceramic Group. Established in 1979 in Switzerland, Niro Ceramic Group is a pioneer in the tile industry producing homogeneous tiles. Keeping its Swiss heritage strong, Niro Ceramic Group is dedicated to delivering only high-quality products and services; and has since expanded to over 100 markets worldwide. 

Founded in 2010, Niro Ceramic Vietnam has become a trusted partner that supplies high-quality tiles for the famous project in Vietnam. And now, with the opening of the Hanoi showroom, Niro Ceramic Vietnam will be able to cater for the Hanoi and North markets comprehensively.

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