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Press Release: Creative Lab Trailblazes the Home Renovation Market With Its 1st AR App in Malaysia

MALAYSIA, April 17, 2023 – Creative Lab, the leading home improvement retailer in Malaysia by Niro Ceramic Group, paves the way for technologically-driven innovation with the launch of its new Augmented Reality (AR) app, designed to revolutionise and ease the visualisation of renovation designs for homeowners.

The “Creative Lab AR Home Design” app uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology to visualise how different tile options might fit in a space and the surrounding interior decor. With just a quick scan on the app, users can view the designer-created 3D model of their rooms with ease via their smartphone. Using AR technology, users are also free to point their phones to look around the area, so they can effortlessly imagine their living spaces with Creative Lab’s stunning tiles.

As the leader of innovation in the home renovation industry, Creative Lab is one step ahead of the digitalisation curve. While consumer needs continue to evolve, retailers need to adopt digitalisation in order to maximise efficiency and accommodate consumers’ shopping needs. With that in mind, Creative Lab has made itself the first-ever tile retailer in Malaysia to introduce the concept of AR to its respective market for added value and convenience to its customers.

“We are proud and thrilled to pioneer the Malaysian market by introducing this technology to our customers,” said Tay Ching Teck, General Manager of Retail at Creative Lab. “At Creative Lab, we are always exploring creative opportunities to challenge our innovation to remain nimble while always putting the convenience and needs of customers at the forefront. Our new AR app enables homeowners to visualise renovation designs like never before, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve their dream home with ease.”

Designers at Creative Lab use advanced German software to create photorealistic 3D renders of the renovation space, which are then delivered to customers who wishes to view in AR via QR codes. Users can scan the QR code on the project sheet to view their custom-designed room in an isometric view that brings the 3D to life on their mobiles or tablets.

The “Creative Lab AR Home Design” app is a groundbreaking tool for interior design visualisation which integrates AR with Creative Lab’s free 3D design services. This is an extra service offered without charge that is available at all Creative Lab showrooms. Homeowners can also head to their showrooms to get a closer look at tile options in person and consult one of their product specialists for advice.

With the help of Creative Lab’s talented designers and innovative app, homeowners can experiment with various tile patterns and colour combinations quickly, and envision the end result in stunning detail, making their renovation dreams a reality. For a detailed demonstration of how the app works in a video, check out Creative Lab’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Head on down to the nearest Creative Lab showroom with measurements of your renovation area to make enquiries. Redefine your home renovation process today by downloading the “Creative Lab AR Home Design” app, available now on the Apple Store and on Google Play. For more information, visit

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