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Event Highlight: Niro Ceramic Group’s Design Week: Unveiling Elegance, Innovation, and Insights with Ar. Bee Eu Tan

Step into the spotlight of design excellence with Niro Ceramic Group’s Design Week. This week-long celebration marks the launch of our latest products, including the stunning expansion of the Slip-Stop series under the Niro Granite and Portino brands and Nouvelle collections.

Design Week was a showcase of unparalleled brilliance, where each day brought new revelations and connections. From the grand unveiling of the latest additions by Niro Ceramic Group to the joyous conversations with our esteemed partners and customers, the essence of innovation and shared passion permeated every moment.

A highlight of Design Week was the engaging talk by the esteemed Ar. Bee Eu Tan, the visionary founder of BETA (BEu Tan Architect). Ar. Bee Eu shared insightful perspectives on “Design With Empathy,” elevating the event to new heights and inspiring all present.

As Design Week comes to a close, we extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this remarkable event. Here’s to a future where Niro Ceramic Group continues to lead the way in innovation, design, and the pursuit of excellence.

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