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Event Highlights: Celebrating the Dragon Year with Niro Ceramic Group

Shah Alam, 24 FEBRUARY 2024 — Niro Ceramic Group’s Chinese New Year celebration at Niro Ceramic Group Headquarters in Shah Alam was a delightful gathering of colleagues, friends, and families. Held on February 23rd from 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM, the event marked the beginning of the Dragon Year in style.

The highlight of the evening was the traditional yee sang tossing session, symbolising prosperity and good fortune for the coming year. With vibrant ingredients flying through the air, guests eagerly participated, invoking the spirit of the dragon with enthusiasm.

The open karaoke session added to the festivities, providing guests with the opportunity to showcase their talents and enjoy some lighthearted entertainment. From classic tunes to modern hits, there was something for everyone to sing along to, creating a lively atmosphere.

No celebration would be complete without delectable food. From traditional Chinese delicacies to mouthwatering desserts, guests indulged in a culinary experience that left them satisfied and content.

Niro Ceramic Group extends our best wishes for abundance, prosperity, and happiness in the Year of the Dragon. Gong Xi Fa Cai from all of us at Niro Ceramic Group.

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