Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

The Board of Directors of Niro Group of Companies is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical behaviour. This policy outlines the principles and guidelines that govern the conduct of our directors.

2. Core Values

All Board of Directors of Niro Group shall adhere to the following:

  • Safety: Prioritize the well being by creating and maintaining a secure environment, emphasizing prevention and precautionary measures.
  • Integrity: Uphold honesty, ethics, and transparency in all actions, fostering trust and credibility within organization and stakeholders
  • Leadership: Inspire and guide others towards a common goal, demonstrating accountability, vision and the ability to empower.
  • Passion: Infuse enthusiasm and dedication into tasks, promoting a positive and energetic work culture that motivates individuals to excel in their roles
  • Teamwork: Encourage collaboration and cooperation, recognizing the collective strength of diverse talents and perspectives to achieve shared objectives.
  • Service Excellence: Encourage employees to strive customer services, exceeding expectation and ensuring deliverables of quality and value in products or services.
  • Global Mindset: Embrace diversity and a broad perspective, acknowledging and adapting to different cultures, markets, and global trends in decision making and strategy.
  • Learning & Innovation: Cultivate a culture of continuous learning, embracing change and innovation to adapt to evolving challenges and opportunities fostering personal and organizational growth

3. Duty of Loyalty

All Board of Directors of Niro Group shall:

  • Prioritize the interest of Niro Group of Companies over personal or third-party interests
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and promptly disclose any potential conflicts that may arise.
  • Refrain from exploiting their position for personal gain or advantage

4. Duty of Care

All Board of Directors of Niro Group shall:

  •  Act with due diligence, prudence, and care in making decisions on behalf of the Organization
  • Stay informed about the Organization’s operations, financial condition, and industry trends
  • Participate actively in Board meetings and committees, providing constructive input and guidance

5. Confidentiality

All Board of Directors of Niro Group shall:

  • Safeguard confidential information obtained in the course of their duties and use it only for legitimate organizational purposes.
  • Exercise discretion in discussing Board matters outside of official Board channels.

6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

All Board of Directors of Niro Group shall:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards governing the Organization’s activities.
  • Take steps to ensure that Organization’s operations are conducted in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements

7. Reporting Violations

All Board of Directors of Niro Group shall:

  • Report any known or suspected violations of Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy to the appropriate authority within the Organization
  • Support a culture of openness and accountability by encouraging the reporting ethical concerns

8. Review and Updates

This policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Amendments may be made as necessary with the approval of Board